Hammatan is an international telecommunications and financial advisory services consultancy based in a suburb of Washington, DC, with branch offices in London and Lagos. The name of our company, Hammatan, refers to an African wind that sweeps across the continent called Harmattan, which is part of the global-encircling trade winds. We choose to spell it phonetically as this is how the Yoruba, a native tribe of Africa, pronounce the word. Hammatan is a wide-reaching global company with the capability of helping businesses anywhere in the world. We possess enough local knowledge and expertise to be as comfortable in Beijing as we are in Boston.

Hammatan has 6 Principals and over 50 Associates who are multi-national and fluent in all the major languages, having worked on projects in the United States, Europe, South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and Africa. They have extensive telecommunications experience, having previously worked with world-class operators including Sprint, WorldCom, BT, Cable & Wireless, Nortel, Telstra, and EDS.

The ram’s horn encased within the H of Hammatan’s logo is an ancient African symbol representing strength and humility. This combination of strength and humility is evident in the structure of Hammatan as well as in the quality of work we provide. Our strength can be translated into power of achievement combined with the sheer intensity and concentration we pour into your business to improve it. Humility works with our strength to provide highly trained and experienced consultants who are discrete and modest, focusing on our clients’ improvements and accomplishments. We work in multi-disciplinary teams of specialists in law, finance, engineering, IT, marketing and service management.