The soul of a company is it’s “true north,” which is a combination of it’s core competency, value proposition and the way people within the company see themselves contributing to society manifested by many satisfied and loyal customers. A company’s true north, with it’s integrity intact, is passed down to successive generations of leaders and employees who get up every day and make a difference.

With the explosion of new technology, competition has intensified pressure to hasten the development of new value-added products and services to generate profitable revenue. New equipment and software must be launched to capture new markets while new technology along with the necessary integration of multi-vendor solutions have caused networks to become more complex.

Network integration, qualification and service introduction cycles bottleneck the ability to get new products to market and capture revenue. Additionally, without a clear understanding of the complex introduction of new technology and multi-vendor integration, Capital Markets prefer to provide funding only to the most disciplined and consistent performers.

At Hammatan, we focus on real world solutions. The old school’s keys to survival are: success based deployment; targeted customer acquisition; precise network implementation; and active vendor management leading to improved network utilization, efficient operational efficiencies and strategic yield management. This focus on execution capabilities will open up vistas of funding opportunities that will separate your company from the pack.

The only sustainable competitive advantage is a highly skilled work force, so we actively look to transfer skills to employees who will be consciously competent and proceed with the transformation necessary to make the company a market leader. We at Hammatan are committed to help you sharpen your focus and become your strategic advantage in achieving your true north.